What is average?

Average is calculated central number of all numbers in a given set. In other words it is a single number that represents all of the numbers in the set. It is also known as arithmetic mean.

How to calculate average?

Average is calculated by dividing sum to number of the elements. The formula to calculate average is as follows:


The tool above will calculate the average automatically if you put numbers into the textarea. You can separate numbers with commas or spaces.

What should be done if the set has an outlier?

Depending on the needs, if there is an outlier then that element can be removed however another element from the opposite side should be removed too. Let's say that the set is 10, 11, 15, 17, 99. Here 99 is an outlier because it will skew the result of the average too much. In this case 99 can be removed from the set however in order to get a fair result 10 also should be removed. Finally one can calculate the average of 11, 15, 17.